Bali needs your help

We're the best bank in the world. We turn your money into food for the poorest with zero commission. $25 feed a family of four for up to two weeks here in Bali. Share some love! ♥︎

FoodBank is a food distribution initiative

We deliver weekly food provisions and cash for baby milk and other urgent necessities to Balinese families struggling with consequences of economic collapse.
We have partnered with other food distribution initiatives and charity organizations run by locals and foreigners to coordinate our efforts and amplify each other.

It's time to give back

How FoodBank donations work:

* Zero management fees. All your donations are converted into food.
Share your donation in form of money or non-perishable food
Please note, Foodbank accepts Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, GooglePay, PayPal, handful of Cryptos and food donations.
We stock up at the local market and order food directly from farmers
We are real professionals in scouting lowest prices and smoothing local logistics, thanks to our Balinese volunters and supporters. In addition to food packages we also deliver cash so that people could buy milk for babies, water, or medicine. Here's how a basic food package looks like:
Typical food package
(might vary slightly)
  • 10kg of rice
  • 30 eggs
  • 2l of cooking oil
  • 10 pieces of tempe
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Cookies for kids
  • Soap and sanitary goods
We pick the families in utmost need and deliver basic food packages to their doors
Our growing database has 2800+ records of people who registered at and asked for help. We prioritize families with kids and no income for a long time. We do extensive social profiling and data verification making sure your help is well targeted and applied proportionally on fair bases.

Who's on board?

Get to know who supports Bali FoodBank financially and emotionally.

Gerda Mi

Founder of Makara Wear

Gerda Mi

Founder of Makara Wear
I live in Bali for many years, and frankly it's devastating to see the consequences of C19 at my home. I used to fight plastic, now I'm on a mission to fight hunger too.
I started Makara Wear here in Bali. It's a swimsuit and apparel brand geared towards independent and adventurous women. And now I feel I have to support Balinese people who supported my success in business and life.
I pledge 10% of each sale I make to FoodBank, and I ask you to join me in my fight against hunger.

Max Hanuman

Founder of

Max Hanuman

Founder of
I discovered Bali for myself only last year, and fell in love with the island at the first sight. I've been all around the world but I never felt so much at home as here. If you're reading this, might be you have the same feeling.
I believe we have no right to let people starve if we have more than we need for ourselves.
I pledge US$5000 to FoodBank, and I ask you to join me in my fight against hunger.

$25 feed a family of four for up to two weeks

We fed 760 families, and we have 2400 more to feed. We have zero commisions, forever.